Cooking Education

How many types of vegetable?

  • pods/seed/bean vegetable name

Seed vegetable- peas, beans, corn

Broad bean, green bean, French bean, lima bean, kidney bean, long bean, black bean

  • Tubers vegetable

Cassava, sweet potato, yam, potato, artichoke

  • Leaves vegetable

Spinach, lettuce, cabbage

  • Bulbs

Onion, Garlic

  • Root vegetable

Carrot, radish, turnip, beet, parsnip

  • stems/leaves /flower vegetable

Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli

  • Fruits vegetable

Tomato, bell pepper


Chef Nazim

My interest in culinary art was inspired by my mother. I have loved cooking since childhood. We have had the opportunity to learn Bengali-Indian cuisine for almost twenty years with various chefs at our own New Panahar Hotel & Restaurant. Read More...

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