How To Make Gulap jamun

Gulab Jamun( Lal Mohon ) making recipe how to make gulap jamun.

Gulab jamun (also called Lal Mohon) is a milk-solid-based Indian Sweet. Especially popular in India, Myanmar, Nepal (where it is known as Lal Mohon), Bangladesh, and Pakistan. It is also common in African countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, and Jamaica. It is often garnished with dry fruits like almonds to increase flavor. Normally it is served when it is hot. Gulab jamun is a dessert often eaten at many festivals like birthdays or major celebrations such as marriages etc. This sweet food factory in my village, here is various sweet are made every day. This is a very famous food factory in my country. Please enjoy this awesome video, if you like this video please give a thumbs up to this video, and Subscribe to our channel for future videos. Please help us to grow. Below is the recipe for how to make gulap jamun.

How To Make Gulap jamun


Step – 1 Gulab Jamun Dough Making
  • Oil/ Dalda – 1 kg
  • semolina flour – 1 kg
  • flour¬† – 1/2 kg
  • Full Cream milk powder – 1 kg
  • Backing soda – 1tbsp
  • Water as required
  • few cardamons seed it gives its flavor
Step – 2 For Sugar Syrup Making
  • Sugar – 2 kg
  • water – 2 litter
  • cardamon –¬† piece


1. heat dalda and make it liquid form add flour, semolina, baking soda, and powder milk with mix it well.
3. Pour milk and mix then let it rest
4. Create a spherical shape with a 1-inch round using your palm
5. Fry until golden brown
6. Boil water with sugar, cardamom, and lemon juice
7. Turn off heat and add the fried dough into the syrup and allow it to soak for a minimum of 1 hour
8. Enjoy!

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